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CATL develops a million-mile battery along with Tesla

Electric vehicles were thought to be a thing of the future, but companies like Tesla and General Motors have made it a possibility today. And since then, the battery industry has exploded with raid improvements. A million-mile battery seemed to a farfetched idea. Still, a CATL has revealed that is has come up with a design that will support this idea and make the battery last around 16 years with the capability to travel 2 million kilometers. The company has also offered to provide the batter to any automobile manufacturer interested in the prospect. CATL is currently providing batteries for the Tesla cars, which are produced in China and has plans to make batteries for BMW cars by setting up a factory in Germany. CATL is a big brand in the battery industry, also working with Audi and Porsche. These million-mile batteries could make electric vehicles cheaper as well as more efficient. It is also being reported that CATL worked along with Tesla to design this new battery. The result might be an improvement in reducing the cost of Electric vehicles for both the manufacturers and consumers. After a first life of powering cars, several manufacturers have contemplated the so-called “second-life” use of batteries for energy storage. Million-mile cells would have a greater lifespan for these purposes and increase the value of the batteries. CATL claims that these new battery designs will only cost 10% more to manufacture for them, and if someone places an order, they were ready to build. The prices for lithium-ion batteries have been falling over the years, making them more affordable. Tesla is an essential player in this market since it has been focusing on delivering the latest most potent electric vehicles and could have a boost with these newly designed batteries.
Tesla had just restarted its production factory in California after the end of lockdown because of the novel coronavirus and had to face some problems. Elon Musk, who is skeptical about the pandemic, has forced states to open their factories. Recently two employees from the Fremont complexes in California have been tested positive for coronavirus since the factories resumed production. People who were in contact with them were quarantined at home for 14 days, after which they returned for work. No production halt has been caused because of this situation. Many automobile manufacturers shut down their factories in March and have resumed services in May. Tesla has also been facing issues with the production of Model Y, a pocket –friendly SUV that it started manufacturing before lockdown. Model Y was projected as the new to-seller from Tesla. Hence they had to work on the logistics to get back its production.