Are You Ready For Safe Cyber Monday?

As you will be endlessly waiting for Cyber Monday to shop Cyber Mondaytmore and save your money, cyber-criminals will also be waiting anxiously for this day to take out fist full of money from your pocket. eScan warns its readers and users to stay safe on this occasion and take necessary actions to experience safe surfing and shopping.

1. Make your system secure: Make sure your software installed in your system including Web browsers is up to date. In addition to it, make use of antivirus software (eScan), which will protect your system from all kinds of Malware attacks.

2. Restrain from using public Wi-Fi: Avoid using public computers and Wi-Fi connections for shopping and entering your personal information.

3. Research about seller and the product: Make use of search engines to know about the product by thoroughly searching with the exact name of the deal. In addition to it, read the reviews before jumping to conclusion.

4. Look out for Https website only: Many shopping websites use SSL to encrypt information and a padlock icon. Proceed with online shopping only if you see https connection.

5. Give pop-ups a taste of its own: Cyber-criminals make use of pop-ups to offer fake coupons, discounts, special offers and products. In addition to it, they re-direct victim’s current browser page to a compromised website.

6. Beware of suspicious links in Social Media: Cyber-crooks are making extensive use of social media to post luring deals by making use of fake or compromised Facebook accounts. eScan strictly warns its users to avoid clicking on such links or posting such links.

7. Avoid new apps: With rapid rise of mobile e-commerce apps, the users need to be extremely cautious while installing the app. eScan has wide range of products for Mobile Security for both Android and iOS.

8. Don’t shell out extra personal information: Apply brakes on websites, which ask you to enter sensitive information like Social Security numbers, password security questions.

9. Maintain records: It is always a good practice to print or save the records of goods purchased online until you receive it. This becomes handy when you didn’t receive the item or if the good is damaged or needs to be returned or exchanged. Also watch out for text messages which confirm your product delivery and then ask you for some personal information.

10. Never click on links having attachments on Cyber Monday Sale: These are nothing but phishing scams which lure victims to enter sensitive information.

11. Use Credit Card instead of Debit Cards: To be extra careful while shopping online, eScan advises you to use your Credit Card for purchasing goods. Use of Debit Cards can give direct access to the criminals for debauchery.