Apple Releases iOS 8 Beta 3: How to Download Latest iPhone Software Months earlier than Release

download (4)Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) released iOS 8 beta 3 into the wild on Monday with a number of fixes to problems encountered in the first two betas and a few of the features the iPhone maker promised at its annual developer’s conference.

Apple gave its mobile operating system a visual redesign with iOS 7 last year, and this year it focused on integrating several new features into iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad, including new functionality that allows iOS users to take calls and respond to messages on their Mac devices.

Apple said it will schedule a wider release date for iOS 8 sometime this fall, but it made a beta version of iOS 8 available for developers to download and install last month. Apple developers can access beta 3 for free, but iPhone users eager to check out iOS 8 right now can also access the beta before its official release date.

For anyone willing to pay the $99 annual fee, iOS 8 is available for download from Apple immediately, but it’s still only a beta release, which means it’s much more useful for developers than regular users and may well contain software bugs and other errors. Downloading iOS 8 beta 3 might seem like a worthwhile prospect for those eager to see Apple’s latest or at least bragging rights, but is not recommended for novice users.

Before You Download iOS 8 Beta 3

Before downloading the iOS 8 beta 3, iPhone users should make sure their version of iTunes has been updated, then back up their devices. To check if iTunes is up to date, click “Check for Updates” in the program or visit the App Store to make sure all software is updated.

source: IBTimes

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