ADDA Helping its communities fight COVID-19 with the Collect-Delivery-At-Gate Feature

ADDA, one of the largest Society Management app, is aiding people to learn the quarantine tips within the community living. This Apartment SuperApp has entitled to its true identity as an industry leader with its quick action to help its user base fight the dreaded COVID-19.

With the pandemic intensifying drastically and lockdown announced in the entire country, ADDA was the first one to understand the need for contactless deliveries. Therefore, it introduced the Collect-Delivery-At-Gate feature in apartment complexes, housing societies and gated communities, which helps streamlining logistics of deliveries to avoid unnecessary, avoidable contact. The Management Committee or Resident Welfare Association of societies using ADDA GateKeeper can easily set up all deliveries to be left at the gate from the backend. It immediately activates the process of collecting all shipments at the entrance, on giving an OTP to the guard, in the resident app. The guard does not have to relearn any new process to ensure the smooth working system. The residents also get a quick notification that is quite easy to understand and use.

ADDA has the unique advantage of sourcing the best practices being followed by different communities to fight this unprecedented situation. It has over 13 lakh active users spread across 3500+ residential communities across the country and the world. The platform also has a running blog on its website with pointers sourced from different communities to fight COVID-19. With over 5000 unique visitors, the blog has turned to be a repository of suggestions that can be implemented by MCs and RWAs not only in India but globally. The blog is updated with suggestions on adapting the rules and regulations as new guidelines are imposed regularly. 

In association with its Discover partner and leading healthcare brand, Portea, ADDA has also introduced services of Assisted Quarantine for individuals in need in Bangalore. This service can be availed through the ADDA App, under Discover. The company, however, advises to check in with community guidelines, before availing this service.

San Banerjee, CEO & Co-Founder, ADDA, says, “We at ADDA are honoured to assist the communities in this time of crisis. We are always ready to help communities leverage this platform to communicate all important details to each community member. Our privilege to have a nationwide contact base of users and communities help us to get insights with the Best Practices being followed now.”

She further says, “We are happy to share these with all residential communities along with disseminating authentic, official information to tide over this lockdown. We take our responsibility seriously to be the conduit of the local ecosystem connecting volunteers, delivery companies, healthcare workers to the communities. Through these trying times, ADDA shall always be a friend of residential communities, assisting them in every possible way to tide over this crisis.”