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ADDA eyes tie-ups to boost the installation of EV stations in societies

ADDA eyes tie-ups to boost the installation of EV stations in societies
ADDA eyes tie-ups to boost the installation of EV stations in societies

ADDA – The pioneering Community Management ERP with 12 years of thought leadership, is eyeing tie-ups with EV developers to boost the installation of EV stations in societies. Considering the immense benefit of installing electric vehicle charging stations in achieving the goal of zero carbon footprint, ADDA is in talks with big and small players in the EV industry to expedite the process.

This initiative is to support ADDA’s vision of connected communities, where it enhances community infrastructure and supports the eco-friendly choices of residents. ADDA is currently working with Tata power on a trial basis and is looking for partnerships with more such players for cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai. ADDA is leveraging its Discover feature to connect societies with good vendors across the cities to install the stations.

“EV revolution is happening. In the next 3 years, we see the major contribution by Apartment communities in setting up EV infrastructure and builders providing this as a must-have amenity in their projects. ADDA is already in discussion with relevant stakeholders in bringing this to all our customers. It goes well with ADDA’s vision of enabling a Zero carbon footprint across our community base. Through our EV station and tie-ups, we are leading the sustainability wave for Gated Communities,” says Aashika Sripathi, Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist, ADDA.

The recently launched ADDA DFA is a vendor Marketplace tailor-made for the management of Gated Communities, currently presenting 150+ services ranging from EV stations and solar rooftop services.

While talking about the consumer behavior towards this initiative, Ms. Sripathi said, “A lot of societies in Mumbai and Pune are looking for bigger brands for EV. Especially premium and mid-premium properties. Such societies are already in the process of evaluation for charging stations. However, there are also some space constraints that are making it not feasible for some societies. There are some societies who are not aware of the benefits and hence are skeptical about it, but the recently launched ADDA DFA is proving to be a useful tool for connecting good vendors with interesting societies. across our community base”.

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