The current pandemic situation has instilled a fear among everyone. The only preventive measure is physical distancing and self-isolation in case one is already exposed to the virus.

ADDA launches new Home Quarantine Tracker Feature which helps in making Home Quarantine not only simple but also motivates the user to do the same. It is a perfect blend of three important aspects of Home Quarantined neighbors:

  1. Residents should self-declare their units as Quarantined Units.
  2. It will help the Association to keep a track of the Quarantined units. This will ensure smooth and easy delivery of the essentials items to the units.
  3. The neighbors should be cooperative, empathetic and positive. They should even offer any help that the flat members may need.

This feature can be adopted by all ADDA users irrespective of the different Quarantine rules in their state, locality, or community. It is also available in all the packages – Free and Paid.

Mr. Venkat Kandaswamy, CTO & Co-Founder, ADDA, said that this is the simplest yet the most powerful feature that can act as prevention against Covid-19.