March 8, 2021

Abacus Unveils Biostar Hi- Fi Series Motherboard

ABACUS PERIPHERALS PVT.LTD. announced the launch of ‘Biostar HI- FI Series Motherboard’. The typical motherboards has the integrated BIOSTAR Hi-Fi technology called “Puro Hi-Fi”, with all the necessary components to enhance your audio output, thereby increasing your sound experience.


On the occasion of launch, Simon Wu (Biostar IMEA Sales Director), said, “A Good Motherboard Design is not only dependent on Components and Power Phase, but also on “Special” customer friendly features that the motherboard can offer to customers.

Many users might have this question in their mind – “What factors decide the quality of a motherboard?”  Normally the standard answer is “100% solid capacitor, Sealed Choke and More Power phase”…etc. Certainly, these are the elements required to ensure a stable motherboard, but with fast technology development, most of the motherboard brand could already meet the basic needs.

Then, what more can be done to reinforce the product quality and advance user’s experience?

Biostar thinks; it is most important to give user a new experience and ensure the product quality to fulfill the user’s needs.