March 2, 2021

Quantum announces DXi Disk and Scalar Tape Solution

Quantum Corp. announced that an integrated DXi disk and Scalar tape solution is expected to save Serco Global Technology Delivery $2 million in storage costs over the next five years. Serco, which delivers a range of managed and outsourced business solutions, has already benefited, reducing disk capacity needs by up to 96 percent and decreasing restore times by a factor of five.


In the last three years Serco’s technology business has grown steadily from a 50-terabyte (TB) environment into an 800 TB infrastructure. Serco expects to reach five petabytes within five years and had sought a flexible solution to protect the increasing volumes of data while reducing excessive management costs. The company identified an integrated disk- and tape-based system as the obvious answer and turned to Quantum for help.

Serco now has eight Quantum DXi8500 disk-based backup systems and two Scalar i500 tape libraries to provide flexible deduplication, a scalable architecture, and enterprise-wide backup and disaster recovery for their clients. Serco runs CommVault backup software and relies on Quantum Vision management software to manage its disk and tape environment from a single console. The IT team can even track Vision data through mobile devices.

“The deduplication, encrypted replication and scalability features of the DXi technology ensure that we can adhere to contracted SLAs,” said Mark Owen, senior infrastructure consultant at Serco. “We now have the flexibility to respond to customer requirements quickly and easily, and the disaster recovery is greatly enhanced through replication.”

“When you think disk backup, there’s only one name in the frame: Quantum,” noted Duncan Smith, product manager at Serco. “We have enjoyed an excellent 12-year relationship with Quantum, and we trust their technology, people and product roadmap. We looked at Data Domain for deduplication, for example, but the Quantum 8 TB/hour data ingest speed beat them hands down for performance.”