March 9, 2021

Dell India announced the launch of its Enterprise Master Tool

Dell India announced the launch of its Enterprise Master Tool. The tool aims to enable the company’s partner network to identify and conclude sales deals with minimum effort and maximum results. The Enterprise Master Tool is partner enablement platform which provides a streamlined mechanism for partners to access information and tools to support them throughout the sales cycle. Partners are presented with different tools and material based on the stage in the sales cycle an opportunity has reached, ensuring they are always armed with the most relevant information to help them configure solutions and close deals.


Dell Enterprise Master Tool was developed in direct response to Partner feedback. Partners are always in need of accurate and timely information for marketing material to support their sales calls. Partner asked for one place to find the latest about Dell networking, storage and servers and we delivered. Dell’s Enterprise Master Tool bridges this gap with copy blocks, white papers, banner ads and other sales tools that are easy to access and use. The tool is a result of Dell’s Global Commercial Channel (GCC) division’s focus and commitment towards developing programs and policies that suit partner needs.

Talking about Dell’s commitment and support to its channel Partners, Ajay Kaul, Director & General Manager Global Commercial Channel, Dell India said “Globally we have nearly 113,000 channel partners out of which 2000+ are in India. With a large and diverse geographical spread we needed a single tool that could support the entire community simultaneously. Now that the Enterprise Master Tool is in place, our partners not only have access to ready and easily available information, but also have the support of training and orientation programs that will help them leverage our products and services better.”

Apart from product and sales information the tool also hosts videos, sales cards, spec sheets and much more to help partners in their efforts to build business. Re-iterating GCC’s commitment to the Indian channel market Ajay Kaul said “We recently launched Dell’s Engineer’s Club in India to enhance the enterprise knowledge of our partners and broaden their scope of understanding of Dell’s products and services. By bolstering the resources at our partners’ disposal we aim to ensure they have everything they require to build their enterprise businesses and strengthen their core expertise in Dell solutions.”

The Partner Channel is in integral part of Dell’s go-to-market strategy, and the company remains committed to ensuring its success. The Enterprise Master Tool is another step in this direction.