Zebronics launches a slew of new cabinets, standing large at 75 different models under its name

cabinets2Zebronics have added 11 new cabinets to its ever growing computer chassis/cabinets category, taking its tally to 75.

Under the passion series update, the new cabinets include Flames, Guns, Rhombus, Roses, Carbon & Slender. All but carbon cabinet have super print front panels which are much improved in terms of design and quality from the previous versions of passion series cabinets. Carbon has a  very distinct textured front panel. Slender falls under slim passion series with a bottom stand and perforated side panel.

The new passion series cabinets have all-black interior with USB, HD Audio, Card reader ports on the front, an 80mm rear fan and thumbscrews for easy installations. They also have space for 3 x 3.5” HDD devices and 1 x 5.25” optical drive. Slender has a front mounted micro power supply with 1 x 3.5” and 1 x 5.25” space for drives.

Arc, Compass, Fiber, Spark, Red Moon cabinets have designer textured front panels and perforated side panels with color options in all models. Front panels have ports for USB and HD Audio. All the cabinets consist of 5 x 3.5” HDD slots and 1 x 5.25” slot for optical drives.

Mr.Pradeep Doshi, Director – Sales, Zebronics, said “Zebronics’ forte is getting stronger and stronger. With launch of 11 new cabinets and taking our tally to 75 overall, we have India’s largest range of chassis. We have improved the passion series category with super print panels which are glossier than the previous versions. All the cabinets are great on quality, design and easy on pocket.”

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