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EVM EnSave Portable SSD Takes Center Stage, Awarded Best External Storage Drive at Device Next Awards 2023

EVM India, a trailblazer in data storage solutions, has achieved a resounding victory with its EnSave External SSD, clinching the esteemed ‘Best External Storage Drive Award’ at the illustrious Device Next Awards 2023. Known for their discerning approach, the Device Next Awards celebrate excellence in technology by recognizing products that excel in both performance and affordability.

In a evolving technology landscape, the Device Next Awards stand out with their no-nonsense approach, focusing not only on bleeding-edge performance but also applauding the most value-for-money tech products of the year. This dual focus ensures that the accolades resonate with the diverse needs and preferences of the tech-savvy audience, making the awards a trustworthy guide for consumers in their gadget choices.

The 4th Edition of Device Next Awards showcases devices that have left an indelible mark on 2023. As the industry’s best and brightest are honored, the event became a celebration of innovation, performance, and value—a must-attend for tech enthusiasts.

What sets EVM EnSave apart is its dedication to security and versatility. Featuring shock-proof technology and hardware encryption, it ensures the privacy of sensitive content. Supplied with premium cables – Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to Type-A USB – EnSave offers flexible connectivity across various devices. Backed by a robust 10-year warranty, EnSave stands as a testament to EVM’s commitment to durability and reliability.

In response to the accolade, Vishal Hundia, CEO at EVM India expressed his enthusiasm for the recognition. “In a landscape dominated by high-resolution content, EVM EnSave SSD addresses the challenges professionals face in data management, large file transfers, and durability and performance issues. EVM’s Portable SSD, Ensave, supports contemporary multimedia creators by tackling data difficulties and delivering memory solutions that assist them in achieving their creative goals,” said Vishal Hundia.

EVM is honored to receive the Best External Storage Drive Award at Device Next Awards 2023, showcasing their dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine standards in data storage.

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