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YouTube has introduced a trial of an AI chatbot that responds to queries regarding videos

YouTube is currently testing a novel AI-driven chatbot, aiming to engage viewers in a more interactive and informative experience while watching videos. The new feature, named “YouChat,” is designed to offer video-related insights and recommendations without disrupting the playback, allowing users to delve deeper into the content they’re currently viewing.

The trial initially targets a small group, offering the AI chatbot feature under the “Ask” button located below specific videos. The tool enables users to ask questions related to the video or opt for suggested prompts. This AI chatbot, unlike Google’s Bard, utilizes extensive language models, leveraging information from YouTube and the web to generate responses.

An animation released by YouTube provides an illustrative overview of how the “YouChat” feature will function. Additionally, the platform is exploring an experimental AI feature designed to summarize extensive comment sections on videos, intending to assist both creators and viewers by capturing the essential conversations in a video concisely.

These AI advancements are part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to augment user experience and content engagement. The platform aims to gather insights on how users interact with these new features in the coming weeks and months. YouTube emphasizes a commitment to upholding its responsibility mission, focusing on introducing new and relevant features while maintaining its platform’s integrity.

These initiatives add to YouTube’s lineup of AI tools announced in September, including YouTube Create, Dream Screen, and Aloud, which aim to provide creators with advanced editing and video enhancement capabilities. YouTube remains dedicated to enhancing its platform through innovative AI features while upholding its core values and responsibilities.

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