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Reliance Jio introduces ‘JioMotive’ to convert regular vehicles into ‘smart cars’ at the cost of Rs 4,999

Reliance Jio has unveiled JioMotive, a device created to convert conventional cars into smart vehicles for a price of Rs 4,999. Offering functionalities like location tracking and theft alerts, this gadget aims to deliver a connected-car experience even to vehicles lacking built-in advanced features.

Typically, modern and high-end vehicles are equipped with internet connectivity, providing various features that JioMotive’s OBD adapter can now deliver. This new device is capable of presenting a comprehensive overview of the car’s performance, spanning aspects like location, engine health, and driving performance. Its purpose is to particularly assist owners of older car models or those with basic, new vehicles.

JioMotive is designed as a plug-and-play system, ensuring an easy setup. To initiate its operation, users need to download and install the JioThings App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, sign in using their Jio number, and then proceed with the setup steps provided. The device is accompanied by an e-SIM, which links with the user’s existing mobile data plan, eliminating the necessity for a separate SIM card or data plan. Moreover, JioMotive furnishes features like Geo-Fencing and Time Fence to issue alerts when the car surpasses set boundaries or operates within specific timeframes.

Beyond location and security functions, JioMotive also offers insights into the car’s overall health, such as battery condition, engine load, coolant and air intake temperatures. It equips users with access to more than 200 Engine Diagnostic Codes, assisting in better understanding and upkeep of the vehicle’s performance.

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