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YouTube Arrives After Global Outage

YouTube is running again after going through an international outage. The inadvertent downtime further appeared to have affected other related services containing YouTube TV and Google TV. The American video-sharing company has acknowledged the problem in a tweet posted around 5.30 am Indian Standard Time on 12th November, saying that the team was working on the solution. Users had begun to complain about the problem a few minutes earlier. The outage seemed to have continued till 7.40 am IST, around the time when the company tweeted to inform users that it had been solved.


Image from YouTube


One of the websites has shown nearly 286,000 complaints from users showcases the issue. This was seen around 6 am IST when the website showcased a graph which had peaked with complaints about YouTube. As per that website, the problem began around 6:53 pm ET, with users saying that they were having an issue watching videos on YouTube.

The company informed users that its services were back online some 2hrs later through via a tweet saying that the services were solved across all devices and YouTube services. The update was, although, with no explanation on what was the reason for the outage.

The video-sharing website was able to load just fine but videos didn’t stream as they should have and continued to display the loading wheel for up to 1min before throwing a playback error. The error messages could be cleared with a refresh after the app apprised users on Twitter that its services had been solved.