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Why are TCL TVs Cheaper than Alternatives? Are they a Good Option to Buy?

Source: Smartprix

When it comes to buying a TV, shoppers may wonder if TCL, a lesser-known brand, is worth considering compared to bigger names like Samsung and Sony. The simple answer is ‘Yes’. TCL TVs offer comparable features at a lower price point, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers.

However, consumers are right to be skeptical in a market that often prioritizes visual one-upmanship over affordability and quality. Despite this, TCL has managed to become the second-largest TV manufacturer in the world, surpassing even notable brands like Sony and LG. This success can be attributed to TCL’s unique corporate structure, which allows them to offer affordable TVs without sacrificing quality. So, if you’re in the market for a new TV, don’t overlook TCL as a reliable and budget-friendly option.

One phrase sums up TCL’s success: diversification. The three divisions of TCL are product, service, and investment. The department that manufactures Televisions, soundbars, cellphones, and other products is called Product. The service and investment divisions, meanwhile, concentrate on finding ways to make money that don’t necessarily involve consumer devices.

If you think that’s unimportant, think of it this way: TCL has numerous sources of income. Increased financial stability allows for innovation and experimentation without running the risk of a failing venture. The company’s failed effort to revive Blackberry and a peculiar, foldable, rollable phone that reached prototype last year but hasn’t been seen since are just two of the TCL projects that have completely disappeared from the consumer market.

TCL is able to offer its TVs at slightly lower prices than its competitors due to its strategy of targeting the mid-to-high-end market segment. Unlike some other brands, TCL does not heavily advertise a flagship product such as Samsung’s Galaxy or Sony’s Playstation, as the company has other sources of income besides its electronics business. This approach allows TCL to focus on making high-quality electronics at a lower price point than some of its more electronics-focused competitors.

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