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Younited by F-Secure representing Finland in World Summit Award Mobile

Younited is competing among mobile app gems from around the world that are being evaluated by a jury of top IT experts.

Younited, F-Secure’s secure online storage service for photos, videos and docs, has been selected to participate in the UN-based World Summit Award Mobile 2014. Younited is representing Finland in the “Business & Commerce” category as a global jury of IT experts evaluate the world’s top mobile content.

The World Summit Award Mobile is a United Nations-based initiative that selects and showcases the world’s best mobile content. The intention is to bridge the global digital technology gap that exists between developing and developed nations, and to put into action the targets of the UN World Summit on the Information Society. For the month of August, an international jury of renowned IT experts and industry leaders is evaluating this year’s nominated products.

“WSA-mobile’s goal is to find out what works in different markets and in different parts of the world and what really makes a difference for the people in remote villages and global megacities,” explains Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the WSA-mobile. “Consequently, it is not a product’s commercial success that matters most for the jury.” According to Bruck, the jury will judge the value of the content as well as the product’s design and its technical realization. Furthermore, each nominee’s contribution to bridging the digital divide will play a central role for the jury.

“We stand for digital freedom – people’s right to privacy, control over their online content, protection of identity, and safety to enjoy the Internet to the fullest,” says Timo Laaksonen, Vice President, Content Cloud at F-Secure. “Bridging the digital divide is an important part of our mission. Younited is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of economic status – with the free 5 GB package, all of its features and functionality are available at no cost.”

Younited offers users a free and secure place to store photos, videos, music, documents and other files online. Content can be accessed via any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Younited also allows people to integrate their content from other online services like Facebook and Dropbox – so all their digital stuff is really in one place. With a personal cloud service, content is always safe and secure in the cloud, no matter what happens to the device.

With this service, users can also create private group spaces for collecting, sharing and editing documents, photos and videos with friends, family and colleagues. Group spaces work great for business as well – teams can work together on files and everyone always has access to the latest document at all times.

With younited, privacy is guaranteed and your stuff remains yours.

F-Secure is competing against 64 other apps in its category. In total, 454 apps from over 160 UN member states are participating in the WSA-mobile. Winners will be invited to a mobile exhibition and winner’s event in Abu Dhabi in February.

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