January 16, 2021

Xerox Tool Helps Workers Print Less, Protect and Use Information More Intelligently


Xerox’s new Digital Alternatives Tool helps enterprises move closer to a more digital, paper-less work environment envisioned decades ago. The workflow solution supports today’s mobile work population, providing the ability to complete multiple workflows within a single application and without the need for paper.

“Printing less isn’t just about using less paper – it’s about working smarter, improving productivity, connecting with clients faster and using data to bolster business. At first thought, we may be an unlikely source to say ‘print less’, but we bridge the digital and paper worlds to help enterprises better understand, protect and use information more intelligently”, said MikeFeldmanPresident, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox. 

“Xerox Digital Alternatives is a flexible and powerful solution supporting today’s increasingly mobile knowledge workers. It helps users complete ad-hoc, document-based work processes across user devices, without the need for paper. With Digital Alternatives, users get consistent, anytime access to their critical business documents and a toolset optimized for “paper-based” ways of working without the actual need for paper”, said Mr. Vishal Awal, Executive Director-Services, Xerox South Asia.

Paper and digital divide be gone

Xerox’s Digital Alternatives is a simple desktop and mobile assistant technology that automates paper-based workflows that exist within any large organization. With Xerox Digital Alternatives users can easily sign, annotate, share, save and readdocuments from one interface. There’s no need to print documents, convert files or toggle between different programs and digital versions; a time-saving and efficiency gain.  

The secure, intuitive interface can be deployed across Microsoft Windows-based PCs and Apple iPad tablets. Since work is no longer a place, Xerox Digital Alternatives synchronizes documents automatically on most personal devices for use by mobile employees.

Real-time analytics of the document cycle also give enterprises insight on how to better manage their migration from paper-based working to digital.

With the Xerox Digital Alternatives Tool, users can:

  • Process work safely and securely, and streamline ad-hoc paper based processes
  • Collaborate instantly through a unified sharing capability
  • Synchronize work automatically across personal devices
  • Remain productive away from the office, even when working unconnected


Tools like this are critical to help enterprise’s unlock knowledge capital – in both paper and electronic form. Xerox’s three-phased approach to MPS – assess and optimize, secure and integrate, and automate and simplify – helps clients manage their information demands more effectively.