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Xbox 1 Gets Updates

Xbox 1 has gotten Microsoft’s latest Xbox User Interface that will be available in the X Series and S Series at launch. The latest USER INTERFACE is a part of this month’s update for the previous-generation Xbox 1. It brings a reinvigorated look and feels with stylized images and the reorganized Xbox Store. The notification inbox has been restored as well. There are new-fangled profile themes and it’s now much easier and it will become easy to find what the user is looking for. The update for this month’s releases this week.

The Xbox USER INTERFACE update will begin to release to Xbox 1 consoles which are ahead of the X Series and S Series introduces on 10th November. the company has shared the development via an official post, which has stated that fans will proximately see the latest look and feel that makes the console more amicable. Developments to the Xbox Home and the Guide will permit the users to get started quicker.

The multinational tech company has said that all the products from Xbox across console, smartphones, and Personal computers will have a similar visual appeal. The tile shape, text, and focus indicator have seen a few of the changes too.


Image from Xbox


People will now be able to pick from many different themes for posting it on their individual profiles, involving profile as well as game themes. Till yet, Microsoft has added 3 latest themes to rejoice the forthcoming X and S series.

Microsoft has generated some other enhancements too like there is the latest way to sign in and that is the console will be personalized for the users each time when they sign in. It will henceforth give them easy access to the games, access to the friend’s list, and many others. The Home experience has been restructured too.

This month’s update adds support for 4 latest languages including Hungarian, Greek, Slovak, and Czech. The firm will be looking at feedback from the users to advance the features and the interface. It will let the corporation to suggest a more amalgamated experience on the One and Series X/ S consoles. The corporation has shown the novel Xbox Store which was refreshed at the starting of August and then it was later refreshed in the same month as well.

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