Launch of Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Trifo which is a California-based firm that makes Artificially Intelligent and robot-based technologies has been introduced in the country with 2 inexpensive vacuum cleaning robots. The 2 variants, Emma Standard and Pet, have intelligent and spontaneous features that can help in navigation and it will be accessible for purchase through Amazon and Flipkart.
Emma robots support Wi-Fi connectivity and are suited well with Alexa for giving voice commands. Both models can also be managed using the Trifo Home mobile application which is available on Apple App Store as well as on Google Play store.

The former model costs around INR 22k whereas the later model costs approx. INR 24k. both of the items are available through Amazon and Flipkart. Moreover, for sale purposes during festive seasons, prices have been reduced by INR 2000 from 16th October to 16th November.


Image from Trifo


The Emma series houses a battery life of 2,600mAh that offers a run time of up to 1hr 50 mins. It automatically returns to the charging base when it completes the task or when there is a sign of a low battery.
The Standard model delivers suction of up to 3000pa, while the Pet version delivers a much powerful suction of up to 4,000pa. The Pet also offers a supplementary pet hair extractor that has an anti-knotting function which is there to ensure that long pet hair does not get wedged.

Both the variants have a dustbin that has a capacity of 600ml. by this, it means that there is a low frequency of getting empty. The longer main brush and a 6-claw side brush generates a broader 9.05-inch of the cleaning path. The vacuum cleaners have smart sensors that allow it to clean effectually. Both of the models have an onboard navigation system that incessantly learns about the environment present inside the home and it makes updates to improve cleaning routes.

People can too use Alexa to manage the robot. The robot will react to voice controls and give proper cleaning after doing so. The Trifo Home mobile application can too be used to cooperate and remotely manage the robot vacuum cleaner. Users can start, stop, and create cleaning schedules, get notified when the cleaning is finished, manage and control the suction power, and many more. They can further review the aforementioned cleaning trips.

Also, the Trifo Max robot vacuum cleaner arrives along with a home security camera.