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X, formerly known as Twitter, experiences outage, displays ‘Welcome to your timeline’ message and ads instead of tweets

X, formerly known as Twitter, is currently experiencing a global outage that began around 11 am. Users trying to access the platform via the website or mobile application are encountering a message that reads ‘Welcome to your timeline,’ with regular tweets missing from the feed. The extent of the outage is widespread, with over 70,000 reports on Downdetector indicating users are unable to use the platform. Despite the large number of reports, the cause of the issue is currently unknown.

Some users have reported being able to see ads and their own tweets on their profiles during the outage. Additionally, users can search for specific profiles, which appear, but their posts are not visible. Concerned users have turned to other social media platforms like Facebook to share their experiences and seek confirmation of the outage.

Following the outage, numerous users have migrated to Spaces, a feature on the X app that enables live-streamed discussions. Interestingly, despite the outage, the hashtag ‘TwitterDown’ is trending on the platform. Users are sharing their frustrations and experiences, while some are resorting to alternative platforms during the downtime.



X/Twitter down, platform shows 'Welcome to your timeline' and ads instead  of tweets | Technology News - The Indian Express
X/Twitter down, platform shows ‘Welcome to your timeline’ and ads instead of tweets

This outage is not the first for X, as the platform faced similar issues in March and July of the current year. In July, Downdetector recorded over 13,000 instances of X being down in the US and the UK. Users encountered a message stating, “Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.” Similarly, on March 6, the platform experienced downtime for a few hours, affecting thousands of users. During that outage, users reported difficulties accessing links, images, and videos, with the website being slower than usual in some regions.

As users await the resolution of the current outage, the cause remains unknown. X, owned by Elon Musk, has faced technical difficulties on multiple occasions this year, and users are expressing their frustration and disappointment on alternative platforms while the outage persists.

In a somewhat humorous twist, the Spaces feature on X is still functional during the outage, attracting thousands of users looking for updates and information about the situation. The ongoing outage emphasizes the challenges and disruptions that can arise with widely used online platforms, impacting users globally and prompting them to explore alternatives when such issues occur.

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