With the iPhone’s display monopoly breaking away, Samsung Display is now focussing on making MicroLED displays for smartwatches

The company’s high-end TVs have virtually been the only products to use Samsung’s MicroLED technology, but that may soon change. According to a recent South Korean article, Samsung has begun to market MicroLED technology for smartwatches.

OLED displays are now found on Samsung’s Galaxy Watches. The business additionally provides OLED panels for smartwatches to other producers. Future Galaxy Watch models will have these cutting-edge displays as a result of the company’s MicroLED technology becoming commercially viable.

One of the major manufacturers of OLED panels for the Apple Watch is Samsung. Apple allegedly wants to switch its smartwatch to MicroLED, according to recent rumours. The corporation might stop purchasing as many OLED panels from Samsung as it presently does as a result of this. Samsung Display can guarantee that it keeps Apple as a client by turning into a provider of MicroLED panels for smartwatches.

Over OLED, MicroLED screens will provide a number of advantages. They reproduce colours beautifully, are brighter, and offer a superior contrast ratio. Direct sunshine improves visibility significantly. Because microLED panels use less energy, smartwatches can run longer on their batteries.

At the conclusion of the previous year, Samsung Display formed a new team to work on this project. The team’s goal is for this technology to become commercially viable soon. However, it will take some time, and Samsung Display intends to finish the development this year.

If it succeeds in doing so, Samsung Display will be well-positioned to supply the demand for both Apple and Samsung’s high-end smartwatches.

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