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Upcoming iterations of Google TV will feature self-charging along with a battery-free remote

The UK-based manufacturer of the reference remote used on the majority of Android TV and Google TV devices in recent years, TW Electronics, has shown a new model of the remote that features a photovoltaic panel at the bottom that enables the battery to self-charge.

“Excited to announce the launch of a self-charging, battery-free #remotecontrol powered by indoor light. Developed with #Exeger, the device is #GoogleTV ready and easily integrated into your existing system,” TW Electronics tweeted.

According to 9to5Google, the remote’s panel converts light energy from light sources into electricity so that it may power the device’s battery.

Self-charging remotes have been made available recently from companies like Samsung, and it is anticipated that Amazon is working on implementing the technology into their upcoming Fire TV remote.

According to the source, it is unknown when this self-charging remote will actually be released alongside a Google TV device. The IT behemoth began rolling out “personalised profiles” for its users on Google TV last year. Users can enjoy their own personalised place with their Google Account and the new Google TV profiles.

“As you watch TV, your profile takes into account your interests and preferences to help you discover more of what’s out there for you. And for the little ones, you can always set up a kids profile to help them access a fun collection of movies and shows under your guidance,” the company said in a blogpost.

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