Wickedleak Unveils HoverX Hoverboard At Just Rs.31,990/-

Features 8 Inch Wheels, Original Samsung 4400mAh Li-ion Battery

Indian smartphone brand Wickedleak has entered the Wickedleak HoverX 2personal mobility market with the launch of its HoverX hoverboard/self-balancing scooter.

Wickedleak sees an opportunity to sell personal transportation devices in the Indian market. Speaking on the occasion, Aditya Mehta, CEO, Wickedleak Inc. said, “Wickedleak has always believed in bringing the latest technology to the Indian market at great price points. We are proud to announce HoverX, a personal mobility tool that is both, fun and eco-friendly. With this launch, we are determined to transform the personal mobility space here in India.”

The HoverX is a truly personal transportation device. Designed with the Indian consumer in mind, the HoverX features a powerful, high-performance original Samsung lithium-ion battery for sustainable power (up to 20 kilometers on a single charge with a top-speed of 15 kmph). The sturdy ABS + Polycarbonate frame easily accommodates riders up to 100 Kgs and is compact enough to fit into any vehicle/two wheeler. The on-board processor reads the rider’s movements at ultrafast speeds via complex algorithms, sensors and processors. Advanced safety controls monitor the balance and movements of HoverX. For greater stability and handling, HoverX comes with larger 8 Inch Wheels made out of Solid Elastic. These tyres not only have a longer life, but can move along on Roads, Pavements, Gardens, Mud or Sand. It also can climb a slope at a maximum angle of 20 °.                                                                                                               HoverX comes with a 4400mAh Original Samsung Li-Ion Battery that charges up completely in a maximum of 2 hours. The LED Indicator shows the charging level and can give a mileage of 10- 20km depending upon the terrain you choose to travel upon. It also comes with a Bluetooth Loudspeaker which easily connects with your Smartphone. It is built with scratch resistant ABS + Polycarbonate build which protects your HoverX from any damage when outdoors. LED lights have been provided on top of both wheel caps which can be helpful while riding at night.

The control pads are made up of soft Anti-slip rubberized material for greater control and grip. Below the pads are advanced sensors which can read slightest of your Foot’s Maneuver’s. The readings are sent to the embedded processors which control the motors of both the wheels. Both wheels come with individual gyroscopes and gravity sensors for better balance control.

Priced at Rs.31,990, the HoverX will be available for order exclusively through Wickedleak’s Website from today. You can check out HoverX Here – http://www.wickedleak.org/home/59- hover-x.html

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