6 Hot Tech Careers For 2016

Working in tech industry offers a great career, high salary package and lots of opportunities. Glassdoor has recently published a report by analyzing the database of employee reviews. The report consists of rating based on median annual base salary, number of job openings and overall job score. Today we have listed top 6 tech jobs form the list.
1. Data Scientist
Companies are collecting more and more data. Specially the ecommerce and mobile platforms are collecting loads of user data. The trend is known as, Big Data. The data scientists are the people that are in charge of analyzing and collecting the data to find business insights
2. Solutions Architect
Tech companies are adopting to agile methodology of development these days. The solutions architects play important role of designing large and complex IT systems in agile organizations.
3. Mobile Developer
Another hot trend in tech industry is mobile apps. Every consumer facing company is developing a mobile platform of their product. This has created a hot job profile of mobile developer. The work of mobile developer includes writing mobile apps
4. Product Manager

The person who manages software development or IT product development is a product manager. The candidate has to play various roles and keep track of the development.
5. Software Engineer
The software engineer is the person who is a computer programmer. The engineer is responsible for various roles. The responsibilities varies from entry to senior level.
6. Analytics Manager
An analytics manager is the person responsible for managing analytical software and processes. The person handles the software that helps companies to answer business questions. Analytics manager keeps sifting through database or big data cache.