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WhatsApp Offering 100 Billion Messages On A Daily Basis

WhatsApp now offers approximately one hundred billion messages each day. It has been proved by the Chief Executive Officer as he has shared during the newest quarterly earnings call. The application had crossed the one-hundred billion messages a day mark for the 1st time on New Year’s Eve in 2019.

Throughout the quarterly earnings call, he shared that 2.5 bn people all around the planet have used either 1 or more than 1 Facebook application each day and there are more than ten million active promoters across services. New Year’s Eve is the day when the chatting application i.e. WhatsApp has normally experienced a vital growth in messages and this has been a trend for the past several years. In 2017, it had seen sixty-three billion messages which were sent worldwide on New Year’s Eve, and it is followed by seventy-five billion in 2018 and over one-hundred billion in 2019. Presently, approximately one-hundred billion messages are delivered each day.

No other messaging service platform has arrived close to what WhatsApp has delivered. This is due to the increasing growth seen in the user base that had crossed the two billion mark previously at the starting of 2020. As per a report, the application reached 5 billion downloads on Android in 2020’s January, making it only the 2nd non-Google application to achieve this victory.


Image from WhatsApp


Throughout the call, he also provided information regarding the latest Instagram update that joints Facebook Messenger and messaging on Instagram. Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer has also added that early feedback has been optimistic till now.

WhatsApp has been adding the latest changes to make the application more friendly for users. It currently provided the users an ability to mute chat alerts forever via the “always mute” feature. The service was further tested to see what happens in the “join missed calls” which in this case lets users join ongoing calls straight even after missing them primarily and also has a biometric lock feature in its beta version.

Now, the app plans on assimilating WhatsApp business features with Facebook Shops to permit users to buy products straight within a chat.

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