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United States Judge Blocks Commerce Department Order to Bar TikTok

A judge in one of the US states, Pennsylvania blocked a Commerce Department order of the country which was ready to take action on 12th November that would have efficiently barred TikTok from operating in the country.

The District Court Judge of the country enjoined the Commerce Department from excluding data hosting within the country for the Chinese app, content delivery services, and other technical payment.

The order will have the effect of shutting down, within the US, a place exclusive for communicative activity used by roughly 700 million folks worldwide. Over one-hundred million of these users of the application are within the country, and at least fifty millions of these users use the application every single day.


Image from TikTok


The Commerce Department has recognized the restrictions and it might finally make the app less effective.

On 27th September, the District Judge in US’s capital i.e. Washington issued an initial command in a suit brought by ByteDance that prevented the Commerce Department of the US from ordering Apple Inc and Google application stores to eliminate the app for download purposes.

While the ByteDance owned company, TikTok has said that they are very disappointed by a sudden outpour from its users who have worked to protect the app’s rights to expression.

The Trump administration struggles as the app have posed national security threats as personal data collected on one-hundred Americans who use the application could be accessed by the Chinese government. Whereas TikTok has denied all the allegations.

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