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Google Faces Deadline for Primary Reply to Antitrust Case

The United States’ Judge has said that Alphabet’s Google must tell how it is going to reply to a federal antitrust lawsuit by 15th November, with the 2 sides making primary disclosures later in November.

The Justice Department has sued Google on 20th October and has accused the 1 trillion dollars company of illicit using its market muscle to shuffle rivals in the major challenge to the power and impact of Big Tech in 10 years.

The federal government has also alleged that the company is acting unlawfully to maintain its position in search and search advertising too. Although, the company denied any misconduct.

In a recent status conference, a representative from the company has agreed to tell the District Court for the District of Columbia by 13th November if the company has planned to ask for the case to be thrown out on summary ruling.

Following a bit of hurly-burly amongst lawyers for the government and Google, Judge has said that the 2 sides should make original revelations about possible spectators and indication that might be used at trial by 20th November.

The judge asked the 2 sides to produce by 6th November, a status report on a protective order, which will protect 3rd parties such as Google users who offer evidence for the government.


Image from Google


The coming status conference was set for 18th November.

The judge has denied knowing his cousin’s role at Google. The company has also declined to confirm the cousin’s identity.

Antitrust experts have said that Anil Mehta, who was chosen to the Washington court by the then-President Barack Obama, was a better option for the US government as he isn’t seen as someone who is a pro at business.

Judges’ familial connections from time to time are confronted by parties in a lawsuit when looking for a different judge. It is indistinct whether Google or the government will try to get the Judge i.e. Anil Mehta to recuse himself.

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