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What is Articul8, the standalone AI company under Intel?

Intel, in collaboration with DigitalBridge Group, a global investment company, has announced the establishment of Articul8 AI, an independent company that will provide a vertically-optimized and secure generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) software platform for enterprise customers. Articul8 will operate as a standalone entity, offering generative AI solutions built on Intel hardware, including Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Gaudi accelerators, with support for alternative hybrid infrastructure.

The company aims to drive the adoption of generative AI in the enterprise market, leveraging the intellectual property and technology developed by Intel and two other companies. Arun Subramaniyan, formerly the president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center and AI Group, has been named the CEO of Articul8.

Articul8’s focus is on delivering secure and cost-effective generative AI services to enterprises, emphasizing rapid deployment on a sustainable cost basis. The platform is designed to provide production-grade generative AI solutions that do not require cloud dependence or lock-in hardware. Additionally, Articul8 will offer dedicated enterprise support to its clients.





Intel and DigitalBridge Launch Articul8, an Enterprise Generative AI...
Intel and DigitalBridge Launch Articul8, an Enterprise Generative AI

Some of the key capabilities of Articul8 include search latency of less than 100ms, unlimited token usage, and support for 1000+ concurrent users. The company will provide ready-to-consume APIs for easy deployment of generative AI applications, incorporating technologies like ModelMesh, FlexLLM, and LLM-IQ. It also supports flexible infrastructure, enabling the deployment of generative AI services using existing infrastructure.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger expressed confidence in Articul8, highlighting its deep AI and high-performance computing (HPC) domain knowledge. He emphasized the company’s position to deliver tangible business outcomes for Intel and its broader ecosystem of customers and partners. Gelsinger underlined Intel’s commitment to accelerating AI adoption across various domains and expressed anticipation for continued collaboration with Articul8.

As an independent company, Articul8’s mission is articulated as “Solving the World’s Toughest Problems with Generative AI.” The platform’s offerings are designed to address challenges with a focus on delivering business value. The company’s approach includes providing services that facilitate rapid deployment, ensuring security, and offering cost-effectiveness.

Articul8 will not be limited by cloud dependence or exclusive hardware requirements, providing enterprises with flexibility in their AI deployments. The company is committed to offering support for alternative hybrid infrastructure, allowing clients to leverage existing resources while benefiting from generative AI solutions.

With Arun Subramaniyan at the helm, Articul8 is poised to contribute to the advancement of generative AI technologies and their practical implementation in diverse industry sectors. The collaboration between Intel and DigitalBridge Group signifies a strategic initiative to harness generative AI’s potential for addressing complex challenges and driving innovation in enterprise applications.

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