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Cloudera Unveils New AI Assistants to Drive Valuable Data Insights

With the introduction of AI-Driven SQL, BI, and ML assistants, Cloudera builds on commitment to deepen  AI capabilities  

Cloudera, the true hybrid platform for data, analytics and AI, today announced  three new AI-driven assistants that empower customers to accelerate the development of data,  analytics and AI business applications and gain more valuable data analysis. With these new capabilities,  Cloudera expands its AI expertise and capabilities for customers to transform data anywhere into  actionable insights. 

While the rise of GenAI has created a dramatic surge in visibility and adoption, enterprises are struggling  to develop data, analytics and AI business applications quickly and translate AI’s potential into  measurable business impact. With Cloudera’s new AI assistants, enterprises can get trusted data,  analytics and AI applications into production faster than ever, while also expanding the scope of  employees who can access these tools. This powerful combination enables enterprises to drive AI  initiatives more quickly across the entire business and empowers more users to leverage data-driven  insights in their everyday roles. 

Every company wants to take advantage of the promise of AI, but the models are only as good as the  data that they’ve been trained on. According to Gartner®, “through 2026, GenAI will reduce manually  intensive data management costs by up to 20% each year while enabling four times as many new use  cases.” But, we believe that enterprises need the right support to take advantage of this opportunity.  

Cloudera’s three new AI assistants are as follows: 

  • SQL AI Assistant: Cloudera’s SQL AI assistant is built to solve the challenges commonly  associated with writing complex SQL queries and enables users throughout the organization to  become SQL experts. With the SQL AI assistant, users simply describe what they need in plain  language, and the assistant will find the relevant data using advanced techniques like prompt  engineering and retrieval augmented generation (RAG). From there, the assistant will write and  optimize the query and even explain it back in easy-to-understand terms. By removing the  challenge of navigating SQL syntax, the SQL AI assistant empowers enterprises to focus on what  really matters – getting insights from their data. 
  • AI Chatbot in Cloudera Data Visualization: Cloudera’s AI Chatbot within Cloudera Data  Visualization is designed to directly converse with enterprise data to provide contextualized  business insights that go beyond what BI dashboards can typically display. The chatbot resides  directly in Cloudera’s dashboard and reports that are created with Cloudera Data Visualization  and leverages the context of the available data behind the dashboard to deliver deeper, more  actionable insights to enterprises. Users can simply ask questions in plain language, and the AI  chatbot will intelligently match it to the relevant data and visuals.  
  • Cloudera Copilot for Cloudera Machine Learning: Cloudera Copilot is powered by pre-trained  LLMs and are designed to help navigate the challenges typically related to deploying AI and ML  models in production, from data wrangling to coding. With seamless integration to over 130  Hugging Face models and datasets, Cloudera Copilot supports the end-to-end development 

process of AI applications and accelerates data science, model development, and fine tuning.  This enables enterprises to accelerate machine learning development and start seeing business  value more quickly. 

“The AI and ML technological gold rush has brought limitless potential for enterprises, but we’re still  seeing significant growing pains across industries when it comes to driving valuable insights from AI,”  said Andrew Brust, Blue Badge Insights. “For organizations to capitalize fully on this new frontier,  enterprises need to effectively harness AI for business applications. That’s where Cloudera excels,  especially as the company continues to infuse AI throughout the platform.” 

Earlier this month, the company announced the acquisition of Verta’s Operational AI Platform, further  solidifying Cloudera’s AI and ML leadership. By embedding AI assistants for SQL, BI, and ML directly into  the platform, Cloudera is unveiling its next phase of enterprise AI for customers by simplifying and  enhancing the AI and ML experience for every user.  

“As AI advances, Cloudera is committed to staying ahead of our customer’s needs,” said Dipto  Chakravarty, Chief Product Officer at Cloudera. “Our new AI-driven assistants eliminate barriers,  enabling every user to harness the power of AI across their organizations.” 

Discover how you can build generative AI assistant capabilities with Cloudera and learn more about  these features and Cloudera’s AI capabilities by visiting our recent blog.  

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