We understand ‘Information Technology’ is all about DATA- Mr.Pankaj Jain, CEO – Panzer IT

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr.Pankaj Jain, CEO – Panzer IT, reveals his strategies for business in India.

ITVoice:- What are the opportunity and Challenges in 2019 for Technology business?

Mr. Pankaj Jain:- Data is surely new oil. And we protect this oil. Data Security is and must be among top priorities of CxOs. Everyone knows what if there is data loss or information leaks. Loss and leaks can happen due to malware, sabotage, hacking, phishing, user mistakes or act of god. Panzer IT deals with all possible cause of data loss or leaks.

Mr.Pankaj Jain, CEO – Panzer IT

Challenges are still many company owners in SMB segment don’t understand importance of security solutions till the time they are not been attacked. Once data breach happens – sometimes its too late to take any corrective measures.

For data its 100% true “Prevention is better than cure”

ITVoice:- What are the marketing strategies of the panzerit ?

Mr. Pankaj Jain:- Panzer IT has channel network, technology partners across region. We also have happy clients across India and outside. These assets have been biggest marketing resource for us. Apart from this, online marketing is our main tool.

ITVoice:- What is panzerit roadmap for 2019-20?

Mr. Pankaj Jain:- In current FY, we are looking forward to appoint more solution partners & SI. Also we want to start appointing Regional Distributors for our consumer & SMB products. All the products, Panzer IT signed up are state of the art products and way above than its competitors. 

Strategic partners and RD we are looking for following products: 

                FalconGaze Secure Tower:

  • Data Leak Prevention

  • Employee Monitoring

  • User Behaviors Analysis

  • Control of Data Transfer Channels

  • Detection of Sensitive Data Content

  • Incident Response

  • Archive of Intercepted Data including web-mails

  • Reports Based on Gathered Information

  • Quick installation & setup

  • Supports domain & Workgroup environments

                Emsisoft Anti Malware

  • Next-Gen Anti-Malware Software

  • The best endpoint security product for ransomware & any other known or unknown threats

  • Scan traffic and behavior of data

  • Multi-Layer & dual engine protection

  • Most popular among geeks and techies across the Globe

                Heimdal Security

Robust, multi-layered security products to combat next-gen malware, ransomware and other enterprise threats – Analyse and stop each vulnerability in the network

  • Advance Threat Protection (APT), Unified Threat Management

  • Combat evolving threats and add EDR to your existing Antivirus solution

  • Deploy unique HIPS/HIDS and obtain unparalleled IOC and IOA intelligence for threat-hunting

  • Unique traffic filtering to prevent endpoint compromise, data leaks & more;

  • Ransomware, Financial Trojans

  • Data-Stealing Malware, Advance Malware

  • Other Known & Unknown threats

  • Block malicious internet traffic

  • Advanced, machine learning-powered detection of sophisticated threats at the traffic layer

  • Unparalleled vulnerability management and automated patch deployment

                Netop Remote Control

Largest Global Companies use Netop for Remote Connection-Control-Support, be it Banks, Defence, Enterprises

                G Data Security Solutions

30 Years old German Antivirus Company, providing robust endpoint security, player in Gartner, best & maximum features among all antivirus

                Acronis Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Easiest licensing, Robust backup solution, best RoI

  • Backup Solution for all platforms, all client segment

  • Support large data, large enterprises

  • Acronis True Image for Home Segment

ITVoice:- What are the expected growths of the channel?

Mr. Pankaj Jain:- My core business has been through channel for 2 decades. And I am looking forward to work with channel whether its small case or large. Channel partners associated with Panzer IT can expect multiple growth in top line as well as in bottom line.

Not only in terms of revenue, will channel grow in terms of new technology, new verticals, new client and more.

ITVoice:- What is your channel policy in India? What kind of channel expansion are you looking for in the near future?

Mr. Pankaj Jain:- I am looking for Regional Distributors for our high-end consumer and SMB products. The RD must have technical team and prior experience in selling security software in corresponding market. We want to bring rightful IT security to every part of India and ASEAN countries.

ITVoice:- What is your growth strategy here? What are the engines of growth for panzerit in India?   

Mr. Pankaj Jain:- As we know, data is highly important and storage size is increasing multifold every year. We cater to every requirement related to data, be it storage, management, leakage prevention, loss prevention etc. Panzer IT has highly skilled & sincere team, who are ready to provide 24×7 support in critical situation. All are solutions have defined RoI with lower TCO. We work very closely with customers to understand their requirement and provide best solution within their budget.

ITVoice:- What kind of strategy have you planned to position panzerit product successfully in the market?

Mr. Pankaj Jain:- We understand ‘Information Technology’ is all about DATA. Therefore data should be available to organization, every moment from anywhere. Hence, when required – if data is not available, purpose of IT is defeated.

Thus we emphasis on Continuous Secure Data Accessibility & Availability.

IT infrastructure must be organized in a way that:

  • It’s secure – free from malware, hacking & other attacks

  • Data can be accessed by user from anywhere, anytime with right protection parameters

  • Data must be available without any downtime even after natural disaster

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