“We are new-age data science consulting company that turns data into dollars.” – Shivaprasad KT, CEO, Ganit Inc.

Shivaprasad KT, CEO, Ganit Inc.

Nisha Harshwal:-How is Ganit Inc. helping companies across the globe to maximize their Decision Making Power, by a unique approach to Data science and using AI and IoT?

Shivprasad KT:-At Ganit Inc., we design and develop solutions by combining traditional hypotheses-based Analytics, discovery-based AI and new data from IoT and sensors which help us in solving complex business problems. Our deep industry domain expertise enables us to test a business hypothesis in a structured manner for our clients. Our solutions are a combination of customized services and functional product suite that deliver significant topline and bottom-line incremental to the businesses

Nisha Harshwal:-What is key mission and vision behind setting Ganit Inc?

Shivprasad KT:-We observed that more 90% of analytics solutions had no to low consumption. A great deal of dashboards and predictive models were not getting the attention of senior management. This had led to poor ‘decision inventory’. Ganit was setup to make analytics consumable to impact key decisions. Analytics and AI should not be just buzz words in organizations. They should drive real business value.

Nisha Harshwal:-How Ganit Inc is different from other Data Analysis companies? What is the USP of Ganit Inc.

Shivprasad KT:-Ganit Inc is a new-age data science consulting company that turns data into dollars. Ganit’s approach is to design smart solutions at the intersection of hypotheses-based Analytics, discovery-based AI and real-time data from IoT across FMCG/CPG, Retail, Logistics, Hospitality, Media, Insurance and BFSI industries are what sets us apart.

Some of the USP of Ganit Inc which makes it different from other Data science companies are mentioned below – 

  • Ganit Inc is the only company in the market that operates at the trifecta

  • 100% of our analytics creation gets consumed by the clients

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the key trends impacting the future of Data Science?

Shivprasad KT:-One of the major fuels which is accelerating all industries is Data. The world is witnessing an expansion in platforms using data science for their digital transformation journeys along with an aggressively growing need for data scientists.

With the prevailing situation of COVID-19, the importance of Data Science has surged even more. Some of the key trends which will impact the future of Data Science are –

  • Augmented intelligence will be a key trend to influence and track. Man and machine augmenting each other to solve complex real world problems not just ‘cool and theoretical’

  • AI Explainability /Interpretability continue to advance

  • Cloud ecosystem will be the biggest enabler for data and data science democratization

  • As Big Data continues to march forward, businesses are asking increasingly complex questions across blended data sets consisting of structured and unstructured information.

  • Programming language Python is going to see increased usage and demand as the most used programming language by Data Scientists.

Nisha Harshwal:-Have you worked on any key projects under COVID-19? Please throw light on that.

Shivprasad KT:-At Ganit Inc., we are continuously tracking the criticality COVID-19 infections across all regions and have created a predictive model based on learnings from historic data as well as COVID-19 situation faced by different countries. This predictive report is shared will all our clients to help with key decisions that may be affected due to COVID-19 like demand planning, supply chain & logistics, workforce planning, etc.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are your key milestones till now?

Shivprasad KT:-Since our inception in year 2017, the biggest milestone we have achieved is our exponential growth wherein within a short span of three years the company has grown exponentially from 3 members to over 100 team members. We also take pride in serving Fortune 1,000 clients across six geographies i.e. India, USA, UK, Europe, Middle East Asia, South-east Asia and industries like FMCG/CPG, Alco-brewery, Retail, Logistics, Hospitality, Media, Energy, High Tech, QSR, and BFSI.