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ViewSonic’s Partner Summit in Goa: A Showcase of Innovation, Collaboration, and Growth

  • Over 100 Indian partners engaged, exploring ViewSonic’s latest monitors
  • Strategizing with leadership team, and receiving awards for their contributions

ViewSonic Corporation, a leading global provider of visual solutions, today announced that it held its annual partner summit in Goa, India. The event brought together more than 100 partners nationwide to celebrate ViewSonic’s success in India and discuss future strategies.

During the summit, partners had the opportunity to showcase ViewSonic’s latest monitors and gaming lineup. They also met with the ViewSonic leadership team to discuss the company’s growth plans in India.

Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales and Marketing –IT Business, ViewSonic India said, “We are grateful to our partners for their hard work and dedication, and we are excited to continue growing our business in India together. Our products are equipped with best-in-class technology and advanced features. Proud of our wide range of monitor range right from gaming to workspace to entertainment to a professional setup, we offer units for every requirement of your customers. With a strong brand-partner relationship, we are focused on strengthening this bond and build an even more efficient channel partner network. Seeing the outpouring of positive response towards the brand during this meet, I am sure we will be soon be able to secure top position in monitor market in India.. Thrilled to more collaborations and innovations, we are sure as a brand we will keep growing.”

Concluding the enriching summit, ViewSonic proudly acknowledged its partners for their remarkable contributions to the company’s growth. The awards ceremony celebrated partners’ achievements across diverse categories, reflecting their dedication and exceptional performance. Notable awards included the Fair Practice Award, Highest Turnover 2023, Highest Market Share and Fastest 10K Club. This event was mainly organised to recognize the exceptional contributions of partners to the company’s success. Partners who attended the event were excited and believed ViewSonic will soon be the number one in the monitor market.   

The ViewSonic Annual Partner Summit in Goa, India is a strong testament to the success and dedication of over 100 partners who gathered to celebrate ViewSonic’s accomplishments in India. Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya expressed deep gratitude for the partners’ unwavering efforts, highlighting their pivotal role in ViewSonic’s rapid progress in the Indian market. The awards ceremony was a summit highlight, emphasizing outstanding performances in various categories and the partners’ invaluable contributions. Our partners shared their positive outlook and preference towards ViewSonic as a brand and were sure of our fast growth in the near future. As the summit wraps up, ViewSonic sincerely appreciates the partners’ commitment, which drives the brand’s rise and enhances the visual solutions landscape in India.

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