VideoMeet App launched by XgenPlus on IOS, Android

The world’s first linguistic email service provider Data Xgen Technologies, a leader in offering linguistic email address service in Indian languages and Email Address Internalization solution on IDNs has announced the launch of Video Meet App on IOS and Android.

A unique and free Video Meet App has been developed by BharatSync Technologies which is an associate company of Data Xgen. The service allows its users to initiate and experience high-definition (HD), multi-point audio/ video collaboration without dedicated telecom networks.

On your Laptop/PC:

Even a phone without the sim card will work with the Wi-Fi internet and the adoption of this service does not entail any capital expenditure for the customers. The App can work on multiple devices – mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and room systems and no one can join conference without an invitation.

Ajay Data CEO, Data XGen said “We are excited to announce our new initiative to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Not only has it brought innovative digital tools and skills to hundreds of people from all over the world but is a great example of offering users the ability to explore the ease to connect with each other. The company has an expanding base both in India and overseas,” .

Apart from normal conference call where all people can speak and talk to each other, Video Meet can also start a conference call and all the participants are automatically muted for video and audio so they cannot speak and send video, but listen to and view video.

Android :

“Other Apps allow you to have two way communication calls which mean if you add a person as a friend then both can call each other. In Video Meet case, there is a privacy layer and control over the room, if you join my room you can answer the call to talk to me only after I initiate the call. There is no record / log kept on the server for the calls and all the conference calls are encrypted so that privacy of the calls is ensured,” added Dr Data.

“Secondly other apps do not switch off video if you are on mobile where bandwidth is not stable all the time, so the video switch to audio automatically,” he added.

People now need not to travel for meetings; they can simply get on Video Meet app and can connect with each other. The App can be very useful for those who take lectures. For a person who manages team, Video Meet will be amazing tool to talk and remain in touch with team without physically travelling and meeting of members.

This not only saves cost of travel but also saves time and improves productivity. Users of the App just need an email address to sign up with the following functionality such as Multi party conference for Audio, Multiparty conference with Video and Encrypted call. Video Meet depends on internet available on mobile and fully supported mobile data (4g/3g) and wifi.


He added that in other Apps if someone missed the group call, then they can’t join back in the ongoing call where as in Video Meet a person can reconnect or disconnect and re- join call anytime.

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