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Bharat@2047- 25th Silver Jubilee of Data Ingenious Global Limited

Jaipur, India – May 14, 2024– In a captivating event marking the 25th Silver Jubilee of Data Ingenious Global Limited, formerly known as Data Infosys, Lieutenant General Dheeraj Seth (AVSM), Army Commander, South Western Command, delivered an insightful presentation comparing the battlefield to the business world. Held in Clarks  Amer, Jaipur, the event was themed “Bharat @ 2047.”

In his address, Lieutenant General Seth articulated how both battlefields and business environments share characteristics of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. He introduced the concept of STRIKE (Strategic Thinking, Resilience, Initiative and Innovation, Know Yourself and Know Your Adversary, and Effective Leadership), demonstrating its applicability to both military and corporate strategies.

Strategic Thinking: He drew parallels between the independence of Bangladesh and strategic business decisions.
Resilience: He cited the Battle of Longewala as an example of enduring resilience.
Initiatives: He referenced Operation Siachen Glacier 1984 to illustrate proactive initiatives.
Innovation: He highlighted the crossing of the Meghna River and the integration of drone technology.
Effective Leadership: He discussed the Kargil War of 1999 to exemplify effective leadership.

Lieutenant General Dheeraj Seth gifting the book Art of War to Dr Ajay Data

Sharad Sharma, Founder of iSpirit Foundation, spoke on the revolutionary impact of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) in India. He emphasized India’s pioneering role in techno-legal regulation, focusing on public policy and public technology. Sharma noted that global interest in DPI stems from a desire to prevent digital colonization.

A panel discussion titled “Unleashing India’s AI Potential: Building a World-Class AI Ecosystem by 2047” featured prominent speakers including Jagdish Mitra (NASSCOM and NSDC Board Member), Gautam Kumar (Founder of FarEye).

A significant highlight of the event was the launch of “Project Private GPT & AI Reply” by Data Engineers Global Limited, marking a first in India.

Dr Ajay Data addressing the gathering

Dr Ajay Data, Managing Director of Data Group of Industries, opened the event with a welcome address, reflecting on the 25-year journey of the company. He underscored the company’s dedication to innovation, perseverance, and success. Data Ingenious Global Limited, previously known as Data Infosys, has been at the forefront of innovation in the tech industry for 25 years. The company is committed to driving technological advancements and creating impactful solutions.


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