Reactions of IT Industries on dealing with covid-19 pandemic views of “Mr. Kailash Gupta Director ETSC Computers Pvt. Ltd.” shared with IT Voice

Mr. Kailash Gupta, Director, ETSC Computers

Q.1 What efforts are being put to stay relevant in this lock down period?

A.1 Since businesses other than essential items are not operating due to prevailing Covid-19 lockdown from office ; hence the only way to stay relevant is to Work from Home . While some of businesses are using technology to continue their business ; however those who didn’t have such option or planning are keeping in touch with their suppliers and customers through their mobile /personal laptops . At ETSC since our CRM operations and other office applications are on cloud hence we are able to move our operations to Work from home for most of our functional areas.

Q.2 How relevant is work from home for the IT Industry?

A.2 Work from Home is very relevant to IT industry provided your business model allows this .If one is in IT and ITES model or cloud business than its very much relevant to work from home. However for Hardware industry wherein major part of business is supply chain management ; its not relevant . Since we have transformed to new business model ( Cloud solutions offering as part of Business Continuity Plan for all types of businesses ) ; hence work from Home is very relevant.

Q.3 How different sectors of the economy are bearing the brunt of the corona virus outbreak?

A.3 Tourism ; Hospitality ; Restaurant industry ; jewelry , exporters ; aviation ; manufacturing industry of  non essential items are bearing the brunt of corona virus outbreak.

Q.4 If work from home suits you then are you interested to give this opportunity to rural areas so they can work from home for your organization?

A.4 It depends on the skill sets ; in our case since communication skills and technological skills are essential part of our business model hence if such skills are available ; we are open to this.

Q.5 What are the other empowerment possibilities with less resources?

A.5 We have to empower people with various collaboration tools and cloud technologies to adopt to to new business culture ; since lock-down our team is going through various upskilling webinars and also using them in day to day working for efficient operations.

Q.6 What is the effect which you face nationally/globally due to Covid-19 Virus?

A.6 It’s a global pandemic and obviously due to its scale and geographical spread ; its going to have very adverse effect on world economy and since the impact longevity is uncertain hence it will have far worse implications in times to come . It will take years to come back to normal . Nationally ; since we are far more proactive and in control of situation as compared to many other countries hence India will be the obvious choice for global investments and that can be seen as the huge opportunity and blessing in disguise to bounce back as fastest recovering economy in the world.

Q.7 What is your message for IT Industries?

A.7 As per my view; all in IT industry should  re- look and rework on their business models and adopt to new normal of work from Home or hybrid working  and have a good Business Continuity plan , as such situations may  bounce again and we should be better prepared to handle them both from operational but from business revenue point of view . We are going through hard times and as per Darvin’s theory ; its the survival of the fittest time and its high time we prepare ourselves to survive not only in current times but in future tides as well .


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