Videocon Mobile Phones Launches India ka Naya Style- ‘VStyle’ range of stylish feature Phones in India

~ Range offers stylish feature rich devices which being high on features also offers stunning looks and cutting-edge design

 ~ Introduced are the ‘Smart’, ‘Mega’, ‘Grande’, ‘Curve’, ‘Flip’ and ‘Mini’ feature phones priced between Rs. 1000 – Rs. 3000 with individual USP’s but common style statements FLIP-BK (NXPowerLite)Videocon Mobile Phones Division, from the house of a 6 billion dollar Videocon Group, understands the emerging consumers’ aspiration of smart & stylish devices. Long gone are the days when feature phones were regarded as ‘basic’ phones and were only for the budget consumer.

 Videocon Mobile Phones has introduced Vstyle series to enable consumers who are looking for devices with style quotients along with super features. The V-Style Series features the ‘Smart’, ‘Mega’, ‘Grande’, ‘Curve’, ‘Flip’ and ‘Mini’ feature phones priced between Rs. 1000 – Rs. 3000 with individual USP’s but common style statements.

 Vphone grandeVideocon Mobile Phones understands that although there has been a revolution in terms of a consumer development, still the product design structure has remained conservative. With no development happening in terms of product aesthetics, Videocon Mobile Phones went back to the drawing board to design a feature phone range that is stylish yet functional. Today, Videocon Mobile Phones breaks the market’s one-focus approach with the uber-stylish V-Style range that features phones rich with multimedia features loaded with preloaded applications offering enriching consumer experience and boasts of stylish looks and premium rich sleek ID finish.

Videocon’s Mobile Handset Division has launched the V-Style portfolio under a campaign “India Ka Naya Style Vstyle”, which has a regional essence in it and will be used across major markets in India combining the richness of India’s traditions and regional values along with the stylish elements of the ‘V-Style’ series of phones. With product USP’s like stylish looks & design and a very hands-on functional approach, the V-Style range is way above others in the segment. ‘V-Style’ series includes a variety of high quality features, including excellent display, sleek design and advanced features.

Vstyle Curve_FrontThe ‘V-Style’ Smart is a touch phone with an attractive ID and high resolution touch screen. It is the high-end phone of the category with semi Smartphone features and popular preloaded applications like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. The phone is priced at Rs. 2950.The ‘V-Style’ Mega features a 3-inch IPS display that offers excellent viewing angles in an ultra-slim ID with a leather-like textured back cover The phone is priced at Rs. 1999.The ‘V-Style’ Curve has a very stylish, high-gloss body, which make this phone a good choice for users who look for class, elegance and loaded features in a feature phone. ‘Curve’ deriving its name from its stylish curved four edges comes with a slim design. The phone is priced at Rs. 1749. The Grande is a feature phone which comes with stylish back covers available in Blue, Black panel color options & a free white panel with it. The phone is priced at Rs. 1899. The ‘V-Style’ Flip is a feature phone with a trendy flip-cover, something that until now was only available in high-end smartphones. ‘ The phone is priced at Rs.1749.The ‘V-Style’ Mini is a smaller-sized feature phone following the same design ethos of the ‘V-Style’ series, for consumers who want style and features in a smaller package. The phone is priced at Rs 1299.

With its ‘V-Style’ series of affordable but rich, stylish feature phones, Videocon Mobile Phones gives its loyal customer base a whole set of stylish and feature-rich feature phones designed to suit each individual’s preferences and tastes. smart-3d-black-0603-M (NXPowerLite)Mr. Jerold Pereira, CEO, Videocon Mobile Phones says, “Today, consumers are much conscious about how their gadgets look and thus always look out for devices which feature style factor. Gone are the days of big, uninspiring and bulky devices, which are now replaced with stylish and functional feature rich devices. It is to address this emerging aspiration that we have introduced the V-Style feature phone range that offers best in class looks and features. With the V-style range the consumers will now not be embarrassed carrying their feature phone in their peer group as their own phone will compete with costly smartphones in terms of style, looks and features. With this range we bring back style in the feature phone category and introduce the range as a game changer.”

 Via the V-Style range, Videocon Mobile Phones targets the aspiring youth audience within the age group of 15-35 years in SEC B, C towns with utmost focus on cities across Tier II and III across various states of the country.

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