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Users of Android devices may soon be able to activate ChatGPT by performing a long press on the power button

Developers working on ChatGPT are reportedly introducing a new feature, allowing Android users to set the AI chatbot as their default digital assistant, accessible at the press of a button. While the current method involves launching the app, the latest version for Android includes an activity named ‘com.openai.voice.assistant.AssistantActivity,’ enabling users to set ChatGPT as their default assistant.

When manually enabled, an overlay appears, similar to the app’s voice chat mode, not occupying the entire screen. The functionality seems to be in progress, with an unfinished animation, and the activity closing before the chatbot emerges.



ChatGPT could soon replace your Android smartphone's virtual assistant
ChatGPT could soon replace your Android smartphone’s virtual assistant

The app is also missing a tag for replacing the default digital assistant app. For users employing the old button navigation method, the default digital assistant can be activated by long-pressing the home button. As Google is working on integrating its AI chatbot Bard into Google Assistant, ChatGPT aims to provide a convenient alternative for users.

The developers are also reportedly working on introducing a ChatGPT quick tile for Android, allowing users to launch the app from the quick settings panel. However, indications suggest that this quick tile feature may be limited to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

Comparable to the iPhone 15 Pro series’ ‘Action button’ enabling users to perform various tasks with a single click, including launching ChatGPT, this new functionality aims to empower Android users to access ChatGPT swiftly by long-pressing the power button.

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