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US Utilities Group to Launch Lobbying Group for Electric Automobiles

A group of major United States utilities such as Tesla, Uber, and many others has said that they are presenting a new group to lobby for national policies to speed up electric vehicle sales.

The latest Zero-Emission Transportation Association has wanted to increase consumer electric vehicle inducements and motivate the retirement of gasoline-powered automobiles. It further advocates for tougher emissions and performance standards that will possibly allow full electrification by the year, 2030. Under the 45th President of the US, the White House has denied the latest tax credits for electric vehicles as it planned to kill current credits and made it easier to sell gas-guzzling automobiles.

Now the new President of the United States has promised the latest tax benefits, involving new rebates to purchase EVs and a dramatic expansion of charging stations for electric automobiles, policy measures automakers have long backed.



His measures are in line with the group’s call for powerful federal charging infrastructure investments and its target is to reach 100% electric vehicle sales by the year, 2030. As per the Chief executive of Uber, the company’s work is to move 100% of rides to EVs especially in the States, Canada as well as European cities by the year, 2030 and go fully 0-emissions by the year, 2040. It will take everyone to work together to address the immediate crisis of climate change.

Automakers in the US sold 3,26,000 EVs in the year, 2019, accounting for about 2% of total United States auto sales. If we talk about Tesla, it managed to sell nearly 60% of the total. Other members comprising of ConEdison, Duke Energy, PG&E as well as EV charging firms such as Chargepoint and EVgo, fledging automakers such as Lordstown Motors, Rivian, and Lucid Motors. Also, the part is Albemarle which is the world’s largest producer of lithium which is used for electric vehicle batteries, Piedmont Lithium, and Siemens.

In September, the Governor of California has said that the state is planning to ban the sale of the latest gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks starting in the year, 2035 in a dramatic move to shift to electric vehicles and lessen greenhouse gas emissions. California is the largest United States auto market which is currently accounting for about 11% of all vehicle sales that occur in the country. Several states have adopted its green vehicle commands.