Users of Mi, Redmi, Poco Smartphone Facing a Bootloop Problem

Mi, Redmi, and Poco users are facing trouble that puts their smartphones into a Bootloop which makes them restart over and over again. The problem, which appears to have wedged a large no. of users, emerges after the smartphones got an error message. However, Xiaomi is examining the problem, it has noted that it emerged due to specific lines of code misbehaving during an application update. A fix has further been promised that Xiaomi has said that it will reach affected users in the coming days.

According to one of the users, the smartphones running on MIUI 12.05 Global Stable ROM seem to have primarily been affected due to the problem. The affected users are not able to make any enhancements from their end as the smartphones begin to reboot in the loop. Some users further lost their data as they ultimately had to reset their smartphones.



The issue isn’t restricted to a specific smartphone model, and it has been reported by a list of Mi, Redmi, and Poco devices, containing the Mi 10T Pro & 10, Redmi K20 Pro, the Note 9 & the Note 7 Pro, and Poco X3, among others. Additionally, it isn’t probable to be restricted to India as a user from Nigeria has further reported a similar problem on the social media platform.

Xiaomi has recognized the problem and has said that it was due to an application update. The company further assured that an update will be arriving by this week. In the meantime, temporary repression measures are already in place by the company.

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