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Union Budget 2024 Expectation Quote | Yatiken Software Solutions

By Mr. Alok Kashyap, Founder and CEO at Yatiken Software Solutions

At Yatiken Software Solutions, our expectations for Union Budget 2024 align with key areas crucial for the IT sector’s growth. We look forward to potential allocations for EV infrastructure development, presenting exciting opportunities in software for EV systems, IoT integration for smart charging, and data analytics for EV performance optimization. Additionally, we hope for a significant GST relaxation for the service sector, leading to a reduction in the 18% GST rate. This move would alleviate operational costs for IT firms, enhancing global competitiveness and providing resources for further innovation and talent development. Besides that, initiatives for upskilling programs in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity are critical for the continuous growth of the tech industry. Collaborative efforts between educational institutions and industry partnerships can ensure a skilled workforce. Likewise, the establishment of tech-focused Special Economic Zones (SEZs) holds promise, offering tax benefits and infrastructure support to attract foreign investments and foster innovation in the IT sector. Moreover, investments in internet adoption and 5G deployment, especially in healthcare, could create opportunities for developing applications in telemedicine, remote monitoring, and data-driven healthcare solutions. These expectations, if addressed in the Union Budget, have the potential to remarkably shape the trajectory of the IT sector by fostering innovation, supporting infrastructure development, and enhancing skills in emerging technologies.

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