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Pre-budget Quote – GajShield Infotech CEO Sonit Jain’s Perspective on Cybersecurity and Tech Innovation

“The government is steadfast in its commitment to economic deregulation and the initiation of systemic reforms. Recognising the imperative role of Information Technology, it is dedicated to fostering inclusive growth across all sectors. Aligned with our Prime Minister’s visionary outlook for India, there is a potential era of heightened digitisation on the horizon, propelled by Artificial Intelligence and regular technological disruptions. As a technology-driven entity in the dynamic tapestry of India, we perceive innovation as the pulsating force behind progress. In the anticipation of the upcoming budget, we envisage a future where strategic investments in technology become the cornerstone of our nation’s growth. Embracing the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we aspire to witness a robust ecosystem that not only fosters innovation but also encourages indigenous production and technological self-sufficiency. We anticipate policies that empower businesses and individuals to harness the full potential of technology, propelling India into a new era of economic resilience and technological excellence. This collaborative effort between government initiatives and tech-driven enterprises will undoubtedly steer us towards a future where ‘Made in India’ resonates with global technological prowess.”

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