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Two prominent computer manufacturers intend to establish a manufacturing plant in India

Two leading PC manufacturers from Taiwan, Acer and Asustek, have unveiled plans to bolster their manufacturing operations in India. This strategic decision follows the Indian government’s contemplation of imposing stricter import regulations to promote local production.

Acer, with India being identified as its second-largest market after the United States in terms of shipments and revenue, is set to escalate its sales of consumer notebook computers in the Indian market. Jason Chen, the Chairman of Acer, disclosed the company’s intentions to boost local production capacities in collaboration with Indian manufacturing suppliers and Taiwanese partners. This move aligns with the Indian government’s push for domestic manufacturing, reflecting a significant shift in Acer’s strategic approach to leverage the growing potential of the Indian market.

Chen emphasized the fruitful collaboration with Indian suppliers initiated in 2023, which has spurred demand for a wider range of models and increased volume. Recognizing the rapid growth of the Indian market, Acer views it as a crucial avenue for expansion.


IT hardware: Leading laptop companies to make their product in India - The  Economic Times
IT hardware: Leading laptop companies to make their product in India

Meanwhile, Asustek Computer’s Co-CEO, Samson Hu, also expressed the company’s proactive stance towards enhancing local manufacturing capabilities in India. At an industry event in Taipei, Hu outlined Asustek’s plans to potentially move beyond final assembly operations and delve into component-level production in India. This move underscores Asustek’s commitment to align with the Indian government’s long-term manufacturing ambitions.

Over the past two years, Asustek has been strengthening its presence in the Indian consumer notebook market and aims to prioritize the expansion of its commercial notebook segment in the country starting this year. This strategic shift reflects Asustek’s recognition of the immense growth potential offered by the Indian market and its commitment to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Both Acer and Asustek’s initiatives to bolster their manufacturing operations in India signify a broader trend among global companies to invest in local production capacities to navigate evolving regulatory landscapes and leverage the growth potential of emerging markets like India. By aligning with the Indian government’s push for domestic manufacturing, these companies aim to not only enhance their market presence but also contribute to the country’s economic development and job creation.

In conclusion, Acer and Asustek’s plans to escalate their manufacturing operations in India underscore their strategic commitment to tap into the country’s burgeoning market potential and align with the government’s vision for promoting domestic manufacturing. These initiatives are poised to strengthen the companies’ foothold in India while also fostering long-term partnerships with local suppliers and contributing to the growth of the Indian economy.

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