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Indian smartphone preferences are predominantly driven by factors such as 5G compatibility, camera quality, and battery life

CyberMedia Research (CMR) has conducted an extensive study focusing on consumer preferences and retailer sentiments within the Indian smartphone market.

The study, which gathered insights from over 500 smartphone users and 250 retailers across major cities, offers a comprehensive overview of the evolving dynamics within the smartphone landscape.

Consumer Trends

Key Features: The demand from consumers emphasizes the importance of 5G compatibility (70%), high-quality camera capabilities (68%), and long-lasting battery life (66%) as crucial factors in their smartphone choices.

Usage Patterns: Users exhibit significant engagement with social media platforms (averaging 67 minutes), followed by activities like watching reels (59 minutes) and chatting (57 minutes). Entertainment-related activities such as video streaming (49 minutes), music (39 minutes), and gaming (38 minutes) also rank high in user preferences.


Indians looking for 5G, better camera, better battery in new smartphones: Study - BusinessToday
Indians looking for 5G, better camera, better battery in new smartphones

Brand Performance

Satisfaction Levels: While most smartphone brands achieve satisfaction levels exceeding 50%, certain brands like realme (47%) and vivo (44%) fall slightly below this mark due to concerns related to camera quality, battery life, and perceived value for money.

Challenges: Dissatisfied users express concerns over issues like poor battery life (37%), device lag (34%), and inferior photo quality (32%), underscoring the importance of enhancing features, particularly 5G capability (70%).

Brand Credibility

Positive Reception: iQOO garners positive feedback, with 75% of users indicating their willingness to recommend the brand. Samsung also maintains a strong position among the top three brands.
LAVA’s Surprising Performance: As the sole Indian smartphone brand, LAVA experiences a notable increase in credibility by 20%, with 68% of customers expressing their willingness to recommend the brand. Additionally, LAVA leads in user satisfaction, with a rating of 61%.

Retailer Insights

Market Shift: Retailers (77%) acknowledge a shifting landscape within the market, with notable anticipation surrounding factors such as the adoption of 5G technology (76%), Make in India initiatives (55%), and the emergence of AI solutions in smartphones (53%).

Competition: Established brands face increasing competition from innovative newcomers, indicating dynamic opportunities within the Indian smartphone market.

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