Twitter Fleets Release Slowed Down Worldwide

Twitter will slow down the release of tweets that disappear after 1 day, a day after it introduced the feature globally, to fix performance and stability problems. The support team of Twitter tweeted that if people don’t have the feature till now, they might not get it for some more days. Fleets, that contain text, photos, and videos, will be obtainable at the top of users’ home timelines on Twitter as well as on the profile of the sender.


Image from Twitter


Twitter presented these short-lived tweets which were dubbed as “fleets” which were tested first in Brazil, Italy, India, as well as in South Korea. The company didn’t share any user no. s of the feature, but twitter’s design director has said that Fleets have been valuable in making people more contented on the platform.

The design director has also said that several people don’t tweet, furthermore, with retweets and replies, it feels such a burden to tweet. People prowl, draft tweets, and then don’t send them. The new feature generates a lower pressure way to join the conversation. It will make people more relaxed to join the conversation, because it is just for 24hrs, and it won’t be around endlessly. They have further seen more people joining conversations on the application, and they have seen that people who are new to it are more comfortable.

Fleets were presented in India in June and while Twitter has said that it sees more people engaging with it, at least anecdotally, they have seen the feature’s usage going down in the interim.