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Tummoc unveils #WomenDo Campaign to celebrate women’s achievements in everyday life

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Tummoc, India’s pioneering transit technology platform, is proud to announce the launch of its #WomenDo campaign. This initiative is designed to celebrate and highlight the extraordinary achievements of women, breaking through the conventional narratives about their capabilities and accomplishments.

Central to the #WomenDo campaign is the recognition of #TeamTummoc’s female members, hailed as the #SuperwomenOfTummoc. The campaign aims to share their stories, showcasing not only their professional achievements within Tummoc but also their personal victories, embodying the spirit of adventure, independence, and the joy of living a full life. Tummoc’s initiative seeks to inspire a broader appreciation for the women in our lives by showcasing these powerful examples.

Speaking about the campaign, Monalisha Thakur, Co-founder & CMO of Tummoc said, “The #SuperwomenOfTummoc is the beacon of inspiration, demonstrating the relentless spirit and potential women have to make a significant impact both in their professional and personal lives. #WomenDo goes beyond celebrating International Women’s Day; it’s about recognizing and valuing the daily accomplishments of women. Through this campaign, we’re highlighting our commitment to a workplace that celebrates and empowers women every day.”

The #WomenDo campaign encourages everyone to engage by creating their superhero profiles on social media, sharing stories of inspiration, or celebrating the women who make a difference in their lives. This participatory aspect aims to extend the campaign’s reach and impact, fostering a community of empowerment and recognition.

Additionally, the campaign will offer a series of informative resources, such as safety app recommendations for women, solo travel tips, and ideal solo travel destinations. These resources are intended to empower women to confidently explore and experience the world on their terms.

The #WomenDo campaign is not just a celebration for a day but a movement to acknowledge, appreciate, and applaud the everyday achievements of women. Tummoc invites everyone to recognize the value in women’s stories and to celebrate the diverse and impactful ways in which women contribute to our lives and society.

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