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Spotify Wrapped: Insights for Marketers from the Viral Campaign

As the year draws to a close, individuals engage in reflection, contemplating the highs and lows of the past year and preparing for the coming one. Spotify Wrapped, an annual tradition since 2016, complements this reflective mood by providing users with a personalized recap of their musical journey throughout the year. Offering insights such as total listening time, top artists, and a curated playlist of their most-played songs, Spotify Wrapped has become a cherished feature for users.

Beyond its utility, Spotify Wrapped has evolved into a social media phenomenon, inviting users to share their musical preferences with friends and followers. The campaign’s success is evident in its substantial engagement on social platforms. Utilizing Sprout Social Listening tools, it’s observed that Spotify Wrapped has experienced significant growth in total posts, engagements, potential engagements, and unique authors between 2021 and 2022. The first three days alone generated over 400 million Tweets.

The campaign’s success can be attributed to its unique blend of personalization, shareability, and alignment with the festive season. As marketers plan for 2023, Spotify Wrapped offers valuable lessons. Firstly, the content’s inherent shareability, combined with in-app prompts, contributes to its widespread dissemination on social media. Creating personalized and shareable content is a winning strategy for audience engagement.



Spotify Wrapped : The Annual Viral Campaign by Spotify | Ewha [Brand Communication]
Spotify Wrapped : The Annual Viral Campaign by Spotify

Moreover, Spotify Wrapped’s consistent format, coupled with its annual recurrence, establishes a sense of ritual that resonates with users. This ritualized content becomes something users look forward to, offering a blueprint for brands seeking to create similar anticipation.

Lastly, participating in popular trends, especially those going viral, is a strategic move for brands. By adapting the Spotify Wrapped format, Guinness Beer, for instance, successfully engaged with its audience in a low-effort way. As brands plan their content strategies for the coming year, Spotify Wrapped exemplifies the effectiveness of personalization, ritualized content, and trend participation in capturing audience attention.

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