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Truecaller Introduces Live Caller ID for iPhone

Truecaller, the world’s leading global communications platform, has announced the introduction of a major update of its product on iPhone. The update brings in new, exciting features which will provide an improved and more secure communication experience for iPhone users worldwide. The complete Live Caller ID experience is now on iPhone for the first time ever, which uses a simple Siri shortcut to tell you who is calling.How to setup Truecaller Live Caller ID on iPhone:

  1. Go to the Premium tab within the app and click on ‘Add to Siri’.

(This helps you add the shortcut with one tap. The first time you use this feature, you will be asked to allow access for Truecaller; choose ‘Always allow’ to avoid being prompted again.)

  1. After you have set up the Siri shortcut in step 1, whenever you get an incoming call, simply say ‘Hey Siri, search Truecaller’ and Truecaller will instantly tell you who is calling.
Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director, India at Truecaller

Speaking about the new update, Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director, India at Truecaller said, “We are witnessing strong adoption on iPhones and we are constantly innovating within the platform. Our team applied a lot of creativity to build this Siri powered Live Caller ID experience. Finally our community can get to experience Live Caller ID during an incoming call by saying ‘Hey Siri, Search Truecaller’. We are very excited with this global release and will continue to innovate on the iOS platform.”

New Features:

Live Caller ID through Siri: For the very first time, Truecaller is introducing a Live Caller ID experience on iPhone by integrating with the operating systems’ reliable virtual assistant: Siri. Now, whenever an iPhone user receives an incoming call from an unknown number, they can activate Truecaller with their voice by simply saying “Hey Siri, Search Truecaller”. The app will then quickly capture the number, find out more information about the caller, and present it on top of the calling screen. This new feature is exclusively available to premium subscribers of Truecaller on devices with iOS 16 and newer. It leverages Siri Shortcuts and App Intents to deliver fast and accurate results within seconds.

This update provides a new level of convenience to those using Truecaller on iPhone, as they no longer have to manually search for numbers or copy-paste into the widget. Importantly, Live Caller ID with Siri searches the entire Truecaller database, thereby providing the same quality of information as Truecaller on Android.

2X Better Spam Detection: As a part of this new update, Truecaller has also enhanced its spam detection capabilities to better identify and protect users from spam calls. Premium subscribers will receive automatic updates to the spam list, while free users can manually update the spam list to ensure best safe and efficient communication.

Comments on Spam Numbers: This update also introduces an important community-based feature: the ability to view and add comments on spam marked numbers. To be able to view user feedback on a spammer instantly provides more context into the true nature of the spammer. It also empowers users to report on their own experience while further enhancing Truecaller’s spam detection capabilities with valuable community input.

Revamped SMS Filtering: Now, incoming SMS messages will be automatically categorized into Finance, Orders, Reminders, Coupons, Offers and Junk. This feature is now live for iOS 16 and newer in India, South Africa and Nigeria and will soon be rolled out to other countries.

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