Top 4 Indian tech startups creating a global impact

Top 4 Indian tech startups creating a global impact

Top 4 Indian tech startups creating a global impact

An increasing number of Indian tech startups are using innovation to make a global impact. These companies deliver new technology products and services or existing technology with their unique twist. They are competing alongside the big names in the industry by major development in cybersecurity, cashless payments, and online selling. Their well-crafted business models have taken them to the path of global recognition and success.

The following 4 companies can be seen on the top of the list

ToneTag: ToneTag is a global technology solution provider. It offers customer-oriented innovations by which contactless payment, location-based services, and proximity-based customer engagement become effortless.  ToneTag takes sound-based commerce to the global market with international patents-  US, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, with over 50 million global customers it strives to evolve and create more accessible and hardware-agnostic payment systems. Therefore, has always been at the forefront of disruptive technologies in the fintech space that have enabled contactless payment acceptance on Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machines using sound and to introduce Blockchain technology in India.

ToneTag enables cashless, digital payments from cards and e-wallets without the use of the internet resulting in Zero hardware dependency. Operating on sound as a medium has enabled merchants – both online and offline to receive digital payments. Has Alliances with global brands and running live with major business brands across the country. Acknowledging the needs of the clients first then proving solutions. Aims at customers to enjoy a seamless payment process that is as convenient, frictionless, and interoperable as the use of cash – a consequence of the company’s vision to improve the quality of life globally through inventing experiences and technology innovation.

Fresh desk: Fresh desk is an online cloud-based customer support software, which makes multitasking easier with its easy-to-use, wide range of features. This startup is fairly popular in businesses looking to increase their customer engagement with its multi-channel communication. Its Artificial intelligence capabilities make it useful to keep a track of your conversations, increase team productivity with built-in capabilities to automate repetitive help desk tasks and automatic email notifications, event-triggered automation, and create a self-service experience for customers with knowledge base forums. Identify problems, plan based on metrics and improve help desk performance. Manages all support-related communications from multiple channels on a single platform,  helpdesk does not require any complex installation or training and helps you support your customers in their local language.

InMobi– It is one of the big names in Mobile Advertising, competing with global brands connecting brands and consumers. They create ways for brands to understand, identify, engage and acquire consumers by using Artificial intelligence and technology platforms. InMobi also provides campaign management services. Moreover, it offers strategies to site traffic by using a combination of performance and branding advertisements, and an advertisement serving algorithm to rank the advertisements.

Its mobile-first platform helps brands, developers, and publishers to connect with consumers through contextual mobile advertising. From SMS providing services InMobi has gone to become one of India’s first Unicorn Companies in 2011.  It has reached 5 continents and 12 counties and initially had started with markets in Asia and Africa before expanding in the USA.  It has achieved success not only because of its technology but also due to its focus on operations.

Instamojo-  It makes custom tools to help a business grow and provides efficient business solutions and online stores for businesses, MSMEs, and startups to help them run an eCommerce business successfully. Which assists with the online selling of digital products and receives payments which make it convenient for small businesses to reach across the country.  The service has grown to be popular among artists and authors. They provide various features which make selling online and collecting payment easier and safer.

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