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Healthcare, which has traditionally been an in-person thing, would see more and more remote consultations for trivial diseases and OTC drug prescriptions – Sumana Iyengar, Goavega, Full interview

Sumana Iyengar, CEO & CO-founder of Goavega
Sumana Iyengar, CEO & CO-founder of Goavega

Goavega is a product Engineering Company based out of Bangalore. The company was established in the year 2014 with a vision to help the customers with innovative and unmatched tools, services, and solutions and make them future-ready / prepare them for the future. Sumana Iyengar is the CEO and CO-founder of Goavega. Here is a brief excerpt from the interaction with the CEO of Goavega, Sumana Iyengar.

Prateek: Tell us about the vision behind the Goavega.

Sumana Iyengar: Our vision is to be the trusted technology partner for our customers globally and help their business digitize so that they are ready for the future. Goavega, Go Future is our tag line which is created on a similar line of thought.

Prateek: How will the integration of IoT and medical equipment change the face of the medical system in the country?

Sumana Iyengar: IoT would have maximum impact on end consumer wellness by the use of health wearables and self-monitoring devices. Healthcare, which has traditionally been an in-person thing, would see more and more remote consultations for trivial diseases and OTC drug prescriptions. The health care professionals would rely on the wearables to get the vitals and the whole consultation done remotely. Perhaps we will see an end-to-end system that integrates the patient, wearables, and the hospitals/doctors as one ecosystem. IoT-enabled devices also would lead to more proactive disease management due to sensor-enabled devices which not only are internet-enabled but also have monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Prateek: Why should startups invest in cloud computing? And how digitalization can help them grow?

Sumana Iyengar: Adopting cloud addresses the business demands of faster compute performance and scalable resources at a fraction of cost. Cloud eliminates the capital spend on maintaining and running data centers in-house. Cloud infrastructure is battle-tested, runs at a global scale, and provides reliability at a lower TCO.

Digital innovations and initiatives can provide access to newer insights into the customer behavior and business vertical.

Prateek: How can AI-Driven Quality Engineering help in enhancing the software development life cycle?

Sumana Iyengar:

  • Helps in forecasting customer requirements while dynamically tuning the test strategy.
  • Scans the use cases, applications, and test case repository so that relevant test scenarios can be included.
  • Drives extreme automation by identifying scenarios from UI, services, and API levels that can be automated.
  • Helps develop a defect prediction model as per the criticality and previous downtimes of applications.
  •  Validates features to enhance performance, security, and stability.
Prateek: Are there any futuristic offerings in near future?
Sumana Iyengar: We are currently building offerings that can accelerate product development work for our customers. Some of our recent offerings are in AIML, blockchain, and cloud technologies.

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