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We will keep focussing on youth-centric innovative products that are yet to be seen by India market – Achin Gupta, Zoook, Full Interview

Achin Gupta, Country Head, Zoook
Achin Gupta, Country Head, Zoook

ZOOOK is an innovative French company specialized in high-end designing, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative Consumer electronic products. All products are designed through art inspiration and imagination. With this insistence, ZOOOK brings innovative and creative products that decor our surroundings and add fun to our life. The innovative products are not merely, decorative, they are an expression of distinctive living culture.

Recently Team IT-Voice had an opportunity to interact with Achin Gupta, Country Head-India of the French lifestyle brand ZOOOK. He has joined the organization in the year 2014. While ZOOOK products were initially made available in the country only through offline channels, Mr. Gupta has ensured that all products are available across all major online platforms as well, including the likes of Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Here is a brief from the short interaction with him.

Prateek: What will be your strategy to position Zoook in a hyper-competitive market like India?

Achin Gupta: Strategy is something that has to be dynamic, it keeps changing as per the tech shift or market scenario but in a nutshell, our strategy is to be competitive and youth-centric and we will keep focussing on adding new innovative products that are yet to be seen by India market.

Prateek: From handset accessories to power banks, which segment is most talked about?

Achin Gupta: TWS earphones, Handfree Alexa-based Headphones, and PD chargers are currently in demand and this demand will be further multiplied.

Prateek: Any specific locations where the demand for Zoook products is higher?

Achin Gupta: The major customer base for Zoook is Urban India and Metro cities lead the chart.

Prateek: How do you balance between the online and offline platforms given the volatile market conditions due to the pandemic?

Achin Gupta: Honestly speaking it is absolutely tough to control or balance it, you have to go with the flow, it is quite obvious that during a pandemic everybody is forced to adopt a digital route that increases online sales as offline remains as no option only, but when the markets are opened we maintain the price parity so that our channel partners should not feel the brunt and our customers should not feel cheated buying from anywhere.

Prateek: What are the policies of the company for enhancing the after-sale service experience for customer satisfaction?

Achin Gupta: We are very watchful on our after-sales support because we truly believe that we can never break our customer’s trust, If our customer has trusted us and bought our product it becomes not only our liability but our utmost responsibility to take care of our customers’ issues and resolve them in no time. We have our multiple service centers in around 20 states and we have our plans to increase further.

Prateek: Are there any exciting products lined up for launch? And what are the plans for expansion in India and abroad?

Achin Gupta: There are many products that are lined up for launch but can’t reveal right now but can assure you that we are coming up with some amazing products which will change the entire game.

Our expansion plans are well defined and we are constantly working on that, currently, we are available in India, Bhutan, Nepal, USA, Australia, UAE, QATAR, IRAQ, Tanzania, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan and we are planning to launch in many other countries this year.

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